Batch Kitting & Shipping | Subscription Boxes | White Label Fulfillment

Can I use my own shipping account?

Yes. We can charge all shipping to your account or you can provide a link to the shipping labels.

Can you customize my packaging?

Yes. We can help with everything from custom outer boxes to internal packing that provides a unique customer experience.

Can I pay using PayPal or a credit card?

Yes. Please be aware that PayPal, card issuer, or financial institution processing fees may apply.

Can I get low low low shipping prices?

Yes. We rate shop each destination address to find the best possible price to meet your shipping requirements.

Can you support my e-commerce business?

Yes. We integrate with most shopping carts and shipping software. Please contact us for more information.

What makes IKS so different?

  • decades of hands-on logistics and fulfillment expertise
  • up-front and totally transparent pricing
  • data-driven operational transparency
  • commitment to supporting your brand